A overview of proposition 13

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Proposition 13- Real Property

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California Proposition 13 (1978)

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Below, we provide a basic overview of property taxes, Proposition 13, and its implementation. Property Tax Basics Property Tax One of California’s Largest Taxes. California’s current tax system is based on a constitutional amendment adopted in known as Proposition Under this law, all property has an established base year value that restricts assessment increases to a maximum of 2% each year.

Proposition 13 Shifted Significant Authority to the State. Before Proposition 13, the property tax had been a local tax levied by local governments for local services. Proposition 13, however, changed this by assigning to the state the responsibility of allocating property tax revenues.

California Proposition passed in as a constitutional follow-up to Proposition California Proposition Local Initiative Power relating to the reduction or repeal of.

to Proposition 13, it may be helpful to touch briefly on the fundamentals of property taxation in California. The property tax is the major general revenue source for.

Property Tax Overview

See also: California Proposition 13, Tax Limitations Initiative () California Proposition 13, the Tax Limitations Initiative, was on the ballot for the election on June 6, Voters approved Proposition 13, with percent voting for passage.

Howard Jarvis, who founded the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, developed Proposition

A overview of proposition 13
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