Abbas thesis holocaust

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Middle East

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Abbas’s untranslated book

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Is world catching on to 'Palestinian' charade?

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One of the less savory aspects of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s biography is that he has a PhD in Holocaust denial–literally. His dissertation, published as “The Other Side: the. As a person of faith who loves the country that he calls home, I want better than what we're getting.

Armenian Genocide

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On April 27,Abbas called the Holocaust “the worst crime ever committed against humanity.” This statement was published by most Palestinian and international media outlets.

Abbas added that the Holocaust was the result of ethnic discrimination and racism, which the Palestinians reject. The Other Face puts the lie to this. It is a book utterly without mercy for the victims of the Holocaust and for the. Abbas also claims that anyone who tried to tear this mask of lies and conspiracy with the Nazis off from the face of the Zionist movement paid for it with his life.

Mahmoud Abbas apologises for Holocaust speech

Sword and Seizure: Muhammad's Epilepsy & Creation of Islam [Abbas Sadeghian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Were the Prophet Muhammad s words divine or were they caused by epilepsy?

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The Middle East is aflame with war.

Abbas thesis holocaust
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