Basis of segmentation

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Market segmentation

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3 Processing Raw Text

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Car Segmentation by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers

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Summary. This annex describes guidelines for determining default segmentation boundaries between certain significant text elements: grapheme clusters (“user-perceived characters”), words, and sentences.

US Framework and VALS™ Types. VALS segments US adults into eight distinct types—or mindsets—using a specific set of psychological traits and key. Similarly in cold countries, the same company might be marketing for heaters wheresa in hot countries, the same company might be targeting air conditioners.

Thus, many companies use geographic segmentation as a basis for market segmentation. This type of segmentation is the easiest but it was actually used in the last decade where the industries were new and the reach was less. Five Types of Customer Segmentation and Examples of Implementation.

Customer segmentation is imperative when trying to send messages to a target market. Despite the increasing attention Global Marketing Strategy (GMS) is receiving in the academic literature, researchers have paid relatively little attention to whether markets can be segmented cross-nationally.

Basis of segmentation
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