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Places to Promote Your eBook for Free (Or Low Cost) Here are ebook listing sites, Kindle freebie sites, book review sites, author listing sites, a few ebook retail sites, and Facebook ebook groups (which I will try to keep updated with your help).Note: Many of these sites also feature printed books, so check them out even if you don’t have an ebook yet.

A book review describes, analyzes and evaluates. The review conveys an opinion, supporting it with evidence from the book. Do you know how to write a book review? I didn't.

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And even though I knew I didn't, that didn't stop me from firmly inserting my foot in my mouth by agreeing to conduct a book. Writing a novel is easier with a writing mentor. The best way to stay accountable to your writing goals is to be accountable to someone else.

To finish a book, you need motivation, perseverance and focus. Three months ago I started writing a memoir.

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This story has been hiding in my brain for the last decade, percolating without me knowing it. Long story short, back in middle school I started dating a guy and it turned into a seven-year, mildly abusive relationship.

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Book writing websites free
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