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The university in which the discussion is enrolled may have its own thoughts as to how to format the same parts of the thesis. Another book document class that looks quite nice out-of-the-box is André Miede's classicthesis package (CTAN: Package classicthesis).

Thesis and Dissertation Templates for LaTeX

It uses a layout designed in homage to Robert Bringhurst's The Elements of Typographic Style. Location: CTAN Packages classicthesis ClassicThesis – A “classically styled” thesis package This pack­age pro­vides an el­e­gant lay­out de­signed in homage to Bringhurst’s “The Ele­ments of Ty­po­graphic Style”.

I'm currently writing my master thesis and have some extensive Visual Basic codes which I want to include in the appendix. The template I'm using for my thesis is "classicthesis" (from https://www. implement classicthesis making it easier to maintain and to use. As a general idea, hopebayboatdays.com should be developed and dis- tributed separately from.

This section compares math font selection in LaTeX and Unicode. It suggests a set of 14 math alphabets that covers all Unicode mathematical alphanumeric symbols and discusses compatibility issues between math typesetting with traditional (8-bit) TeX engines versus the unicode-math package for Unicode-enabled TeX engines (XeTeX, LuaTeX).

classicthesis -- A "classically styled" thesis package cleanthesis -- A clean LaTeX style for thesis documents cmpj -- Style for the journal Condensed Matter Physics.

Ctan classicthesis
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