Easter seals

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Easter Seals

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Easterseals (formerly known as Easter Seals; founded in as the National Society for Crippled Children) is an American (c)3 nonprofit providing disability services, with additional support areas serving veterans and military families, seniors, and caregivers. Easterseals addresses the needs of individuals and families throughout the lifespan – from inclusive child care to respite.

Easter Seals offers help, hope and answers to more than a million children and adults living with disabilities or special needs.

Easter Seals Wisconsin has a variety of ways that you can support our programs and services throughout the state of Wisconsin. Search Easter Seals jobs in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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A job opportunity at Easter Seals may be right around the corner. Check out our Easter Seals job listings in Charlotte, North Carolina today. Families, Veterans & Caregivers Learn about our many services that are available to you and the person for whom you are caring.

Easter seals are small, decorative stamps issued by a charitable organization called the National Easter Seal Society. These stamps have no value as postage but may be used to ornament letters or packages.

Easter seals
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