Elimination of onchocerciasis in africa

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River Blindness Elimination Program

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Elimination of Onchocerciasis in Africa Presentation by Manasvini Vimal Kumar MADS Global Health and Human Services Systems Prof. Carlos Leon Source: http.

WHO revises onchocerciasis guidelines as countries approach elimination targets

Prevention, control and elimination of onchocerciasis Vector control In the s, the Onchocerciasis Control Progamme in West Africa (OCP) achieved vector control by weekly aerial spraying of insecticides over fast-flowing rivers and streams.

22 January | Geneva −− The World Health Organization (WHO) targets the elimination of onchocerciasis (river blindness) in Latin America, in selected African countries and in Yemen by as highlighted in the WHO Roadmap on neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).


The African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC) was launched in with the objective of controlling onchocerciasis in the remaining endemic countries in Africa and closed at the end of after beginning the transition to onchocerciasis elimination.

Finally, onchocerciasis elimination in Africa will always be constrained by any political instability in countries; this has happened in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone and in Sudan.

Mar 19,  · The primary goal of onchocerciasis control in Africa has recently shifted from morbidity prevention to elimination of the infection where possible byincluding elimination of onchocerciasis in selected African countries by Currently, the predominant control strategy in Africa is preventative chemotherapy by annual community.

Elimination of onchocerciasis in africa
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