Environmental changes due to climate change

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Climate Change in Niger Delta

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Global Environmental Change

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This page provides an explanation of the term climate change including key issues for Ireland. Climate change poses a major, and largely unfamiliar, challenge. This publication describes the process of global climate change, its current and future impacts on human health, and how our societies can lessen those adverse impacts, via adaptation strategies and by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Vital Signs of the Planet: Global Climate Change and Global Warming. Partial list of leading scientific organizations endorsing human-induced climate change, along with a selection of related resources. This page introduces what climate change is, the potential impacts and resistance to the otherwise accepted understanding that it is man-made climate change.

Nov 20,  · Global Warming: News, Facts, Causes & Effects. Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and its oceans, a change. Covering about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, the world’s oceans have a two-way relationship with weather and climate.

The oceans influence the weather on local to global scales, while changes in climate can fundamentally alter many properties of .

Environmental changes due to climate change
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