Evaluating a health promotion website

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Health promotion specialist

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Environmental Health & Safety

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More Questions To Ask When Finding Health Information on Web Sites. Your search for online health information may start at a known, trusted site, but after following several links, you may find yourself on an unfamiliar site.

Rural Health Information Hub

Evaluating a Health Promotion Website in the UK Essay. UK 27% of the internet using adults had used health-related websites (ONS., ).

Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health

Alarmingly, a large percentage of people do not check the source or date of the information used (Childs, S. ). The website offers a vast amount of information around mental health including conditions, diagnoses, treatments and types of therapies.

The advice provided is produced in the form of online leaflets for the use of the public as well as professionals.

It takes confident communication, a passion for promoting healthy lifestyle choices and the ability to motivate others to succeed as a health promotion specialist Your role as a health promotion specialist is to help people to improve their health and increase their control over it.

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Promote healthy lifestyles with a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Wellness from Ashford University. The demand for culturally competent health and wellness professionals remains strong as health care reform has led to a continued emphasis on disease prevention and wellness promotion, and as the elderly and multicultural populations continue to age and expand.

Evaluating a health promotion website
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