Forthwrite album art

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Nov 18,  · Styalz Fuego is an Australian music producer, vocalist and songwriter. The multi-instrumentalist, born Kaelyn Behr, specialises in a diverse range of sounds and is best known for his forward thinking production, distinct vocals and unique songwriting.

He has produced, written and performed on music across a number of genres including hip-hop, pop, R&B and electronic music. Pez (born Perry Chapman) is an Australian hip hop recording artist from Melbourne, Australia. He attended Kew High School in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

ARIA 2014 Winners

His debut album, A Mind of My Own peaked at No. 19 on the ARIA Urban albums chart. ForthWrite, Port Perry, Ontario. 20 likes. ForthWrite Straightforward and honest media solutions.

Dec 06,  · This is Pez & A.K.A 'ForthWrite'. We're 2 MC's from Melbourne, Australia - we're currently working on our first release together titled 'Grey Scale' that we are hoping to.

2018 ARIA Awards Nominations

Best Urban Album. – Vintage Modern (Forthwrite/EMI) Esoterik – My Astral Plane (Flight Deck/Mushroom Group) Best Original Soundtrack or Musical Theatre Cast Album.

Evelyn Ida Morris – Acute Misfortune (Original Soundtrack) (ABC Music/Universal Music Australia) Best Cover Art. Steve Wyper for Amy Shark – Love Monster.

Forthwrite album art
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ARIA Awards Artisan and Fine Arts Nominees Announced