Greek chorus in history

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Greek literature

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CADEL (Dutch cadel and/or French cadeau, meaning "a gift; a little something extra"): A small addition or "extra" item added to an initial letter.

Theatre of ancient Greece

The Greek theatre history began with festivals honoring their gods. A god, Dionysus, was honored with a festival called by "City Dionysia". In Athens, during this festival, men used to perform songs to welcome Dionysus.

Chorus: Chorus, in drama and music, those who perform vocally in a group as opposed to those who perform singly. The chorus in Classical Greek drama was a group of actors who described and commented upon the main action of a play with song, dance, and recitation.

Greek tragedy had its beginnings in choral. Greek goddesses are good archetypal figures because of their exaggerated personalities.

Despite their immortality and similarities to modern day superheroes, they are still plagued with personal flaws and negative emotions which caused destruction in their lives and the lives of other gods and mortals.

The theatre is a great semi-circle on the slope of the Acropolis, with rows of stone seats on which about eighteen thousand spectators can sit. The Moirae were the three ancient Greek goddesses of fate who personified the inescapable destiny of man.

They assigned to every person his or her fate or share in the scheme of things. The individuals were Clotho who spun the thread of life, Lachesis who measured it, and Atropos who cut it short.

Zeus Moiragetes, the god of fate, was their Moirai .

Greek chorus in history
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MOIRAE (Moirai) - The Fates, Greek Goddesses of Fate & Destiny (Roman Parcae)