Kung fu in chinese writing

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Chinese martial arts

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Chinese martial arts

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The meaning of Kung Fu

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Please help improve this symbol by adding citations to reliable sources. Arguably, Kung Fu had many moments over years, where it almost seems like the saturation point has arrived, because the number of Kung Fu movies being made were extremely high.

But rightfully so, Kung Fu movie makers found a way to expand the genre. Kung fu is also a name used for the elaborate Fujian tea ceremony (kung fu cha). However, the phrase 功夫武術 (kung fu wu shu) does exist in Chinese and could Chinese: 功夫.

Most people believe that the words "Kung Fu" translate to "Martial Arts." This however is not the case. Yes, most often when hearing the words "Kung Fu" you are listening to someone speak about martial arts, but the true translation of the words are quite different.

Kung fu means an expert or very good. It is believed that an English speaking person asked what some practitioners were doing.

The response was 'they are very good' or 'kung fu' and the name sort of. 4 people have searched for Wing Chun Kung Fu in Chinese or Japanese in the past year. Wing Chun Kung Fu was last searched for by someone else on Aug 1st, Important Pages: Home Asian Art Gallery New Asian Art Arrivals.

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Chinese Kung Fu has a long history. Originated in the primitive society, it developed well from the Xia Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty, and reached its peak during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Kung fu in chinese writing
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