Nature goddess of africa

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African Mythology

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This is a list of African spirits. In a PSB Home Video series, “The Story of India,” historian Dr. Michael Wood discusses the current DNA theory positing the migration of the first humans out of Africa some 70, years ago, arriving on the fertile shores of southern India, where they began to flourish.

Further afield in West Africa, the Yoruba people believe in a love goddess by the name of Oshun. The Yoruba people inhabit the south-western part of modern day Nigeria and the southern part of Benin.

Practitioners of traditional Yoruba religion believe in a pantheon of gods (known as Orisha) who govern various aspects of the world and human. Maria Lionza is a Venezuelan goddess of nature, love, and peace. Her origins are in Christian, African, and indigenous culture. Baby names inspired by African gods and goddesses.

IN THIS ARTICLE. Baby girl names; Baby boy names; (goddess of the rainbow, Zulu people of South Africa) Majaji (goddess of rain, Lovedu people of South Africa) Nkwa (creator goddess, Fang people of This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for.

Okara recites his view of the spirit of Africa as a form of the Nature Goddess in the poem The Mystic Drum. Okara worships her to revive the spirit of Africa, and the way he seemed to be doing it is by being more and more close to the nature.

Nature goddess of africa
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