Summary of no name woman by maxine hong kingston

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Maxine Hong Kingston

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The Woman Warrior Summary

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Kingston was arrested on Every Women's Day Recommendation 8 in Paper of a Girlhood Throughout Ghosts, in. The Woman Warrior Summary and Analysis of Chapter 1: No Name Woman Buy Study Guide The book is a collection of Maxine Hong Kingston's memoirs, so it is technically a work of nonfiction.

For example, here in "No Name Woman," Kingston says of her mother, who, we later learn, is named Brave Orchid, "Whenever she had to warn us about life, my mother told stories that ran like this one [about No Name Woman], a story to grow up on.


The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts is an autobiographical novel of Maxine Hong Kingston’s life, illuminated by references to the women whose histories influenced her. In the. Kingston's no-name aunt is the first person we hear a story about in The Woman Warrior.

Through this story, Kingston immediately lays out the influence of her mother as a storyteller, as well as the themes that this memoir will continue to dance around – women, family, and the power of storytelling. Kingston tells the secret story her mom told her about a forgotten aunt, the sister of Kingston's dad in China.

The author imagines that this already married "No Name Woman" was pressured into having sex with an anonymous villager who promptly led a village attack against her when he found out she got pregnant.

The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts is an autobiographical novel of Maxine Hong Kingston’s life, illuminated by references to the women whose histories influenced her. In the.

Summary of no name woman by maxine hong kingston
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