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VRML sees the ability to see own behaviors to make shapes move, maximum, scale, blink, and more. E-Learning system helps people learn what they wanted on their own initiative.

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Traditional passive learning is replacing by engaged learning. The evolution of web design and the current trends in the field of e-learning seem to indicate a growing need for rethinking and renewing the concept of e-learning platforms as being more than functional platforms providing 'easy-to-access' content.

Based on the review of e-Learning Readiness Models, the artefact (Model) eLearning Readiness Assessment Model illustrated in Figure 1 below is developed to guide the study.

The proposed model is an eclectic model for assessing faculty e-Learning readiness. Theses and Dissertations Scholarly literature including articles, theses, books and abstracts citing the e-learning framework can be search through Google Scholar.

The following research projects adopted /used the framework (submitted by readers). The learning system for e-learning must be applied to preservice teaching, and if not, there will be problems in the design and implementation of e-learning.

In India, schools do not have sufficient equipment for delivering e-learning, especially in rural areas, and bandwidth problems are also widespread concerns. Master’s Thesis in Informatics, 30 credits Title: E-learning management system for the thesis process support from a supervisor perspective.

E-learning management system for thesis process support from a supervisor perspective The case of SciPro System at University of Rwanda Master’s thesis .

Thesis on e-learning system
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