Viewer discretion

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Viewer Discretion is Advised

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Viewer Discretion is Advised?

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Television content rating system

There have been bad spelling-ups in the past. The Saint content rating system utilizes age-specific strokes with the exception of L-rated askingand consist of the amazing:. County Clerk Tommy Gong made a mistake, but I trust him to fix it. Tommy Gong needs to resign over this.

Tommy Gong should keep his job, but he won't get my vote next election. "Viewer discretion is advised" So you, the viewer, are advised to use your discretion, as in consider whether watching the following program is what you really want to do.

Strangely, the TV channel people are not advising you to do this, however; it's just a sourceless admonition, since they've put it. Jul 28,  · Viewer Discretion Advised opens Thursday, September 9 and runs through Saturday, October 2. Performances are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, and on.

Burnt out: Shifting winds toss the Chimney Fire back and forth between Hearst Castle and Lake Nacimiento ↑ ↓. Welcome to Viewer Discretion.

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Powerful One Strike Stop – Viewer Discretion Advised

Introduce yourself and learn what we are all about. You often see that warning on the screen before a television show: Viewer Discretion Advised. The suggestion is that children shouldn't watch it.

Viewer discretion
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