Women in ww1

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History GCSE / National 5: Women at Work in WW1

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The mighty women of World War I

Feature Articles - Women and WWI - Women in the Workforce: Temporary Men One immediate result of the war's outbreak was the rise in female unemployment, especially among the servants, whose jobs were lost to the middle-classes' wish to economise.

Women During World War I Their role in the progressive era The period from through was known as the Progressive Era in America, an age of increased industrialization and production.

Women in World War I were mobilized in unprecedented numbers on all sides. The vast majority of these women were drafted into the civilian work force to replace conscripted men or work in greatly expanded munitions factories. WW1 historian, Prof. Margaret MacMillan The war changed women’s lives, and in some ways for the better.

They showed society that they were able to do men’s jobs and were intellectually more. WW1 historian, Prof. Margaret MacMillan The war changed women’s lives, and in some ways for the better. They showed society that they were able to do men’s jobs and were intellectually more.

Women in World War I

Mar 03,  · Did World War One actually improve women's lives in Britain? At the time, many people believed that the war had helped advance women politically and .

Women in ww1
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